The Crucible

The Crucible is for someone who is in it to win it. All of the programs offered by Focus are segmented blocks of a bigger picture. The game changer wants to be in that bigger picture! Most who enter the Game Changer do it because they have a desire to be pushed further than they would push themselves.


From the Ground up you will be schooled from the front to back on everything Counter Violence. Weapons and mass attack will be the norm. You will become an athlete in a matter of months. You will begin to gravitate towards calm because you don't have to prove anything. Your physical abilities will skyrocket. But you will want to quit and you will want to give up. And yes it is frustrating at times. But imagine having that type of Bruce Lee skill at your disposal. It is said to be very liberating. Only a few are able to take the three years it takes but that's why it's unique.


Carrying a weapon is an option that many feel is an appropriate measure towards increasing the probability of surviving violence. After all, just about any weapon will serve as a force multiplier in any deadly situation. The threat disparity that occurs within the nature of violence reinforces the idea that weaponry can greatly put the odds in your favor. Whether it is a gun, knife or some other type of weapon, most only focus their training on the function of that weapon, yet that is just the beginning. In this program you will be exposed to the following:

Snapshot_13 (1).png
  • How to Counter Violence. (Tailored from our hand to hand programs)

  • Contextually relevant weapon application

  • Identifying various weapon deployment points

  • In-fight weapon access

  • Weapon access with multiple assailants

  • Training with Safety

  • Drawing your weapon under physical stress and emotional duress

Safe House

Home Invasion Training

Regardless of how your family dynamic is shaped one thing is for sure, family is the most important thing in our lives. Focus has created programs to make sure everyone makes it home to our loved ones. But what if the violence comes knocking at our doors. Our homes are where we are supposed to feel and be the safest; yet they are also where we are the most vulnerable. Home invasion is a scary thought indeed. Let us help.

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A Counter Violence Specialist will train your entire family in the aspects of home invasion. You will also learn how defend your home and yourselves as a team. This Family First package will begin by using other Focus programs. Specific elements each of the men's women's and kids programs will be added to come together and form one cohesive program for the entire family. A program that be trained together in the comfort of your own home! Learn to apply all of the Counter Violence content in the garage, in the kitchen, from your bed, answering the door and as a family. All while keeping your kids safe the whole time. Counter Violence Specialists will install you and your family with a "fire drill" for home invasion.


Focus will walk you through our Fear and Risk Assessment for you and your family so we can provide yo with the peace of mind and security your family deserves. We will also assess and create specialized safe zones / time frames / escape point / in home weapon access / trigger words, as well as, provide consultation on home security and safety. This is the ultimate training for home invasion. Don’t wait to feel safe.

There isn't a program like this anywhere!

*In special circumstances, Focus founder Michael VanBeek is available to fly directly to your location and train your entire family personally. Please contact us for further details.



The knife can be the best option for those who feel that a fire arm is a bit too much. And lets face it, pepper spray devices are not accessible in times of need. The blade is easy to carry and easy to access for both male and females and can do an incredible amount of damage in close range. However as most know, using a knife is tricky and can be a risky project to tackle without the right guide. All or our Counter Violence Specialists are trained extensively in the use of the knife and how to use it with the least amount of risk. Take this 4 hour program and be lead into a world of fascinating protection the likes of which you never thought possible. Look forward to learning:

  • The dynamic motions of the blade

  • How it cuts / where it cuts

  • Blade deployment

  • Assault level threats / kill level threats

  • The "defang the snake" principle

  • Range appropriation / understanding your distance

  • Footwork with the weapon

Focus offers this unique program to anyone over the age of 18. 



The ground is not only a dangerous place to be during an attack, it is a very difficult place to attempt and defend yourself from. If you have any experience or exposure to the martial arts you will undoubtedly have heard of Brazilian Jujitsu. The sport of BJJ took the world by storm in the early 1990's and has been on a roll ever since. Although the relevance from sport to street has some application, much of it lies within a very different context. The Focus Concrete Jitz program gives participants the ability to defend their lives without having to spend the years in a sport or traditional martial art to become proficient. Concrete Jitz addresses the realities of the good citizen and uncovers the most specific elements of ground warfare concerning the elements within violence. No one will pull you in the "Guard", or attempt and arm bar. While on the ground, violence is going to kick you in the head and stomp on your face. Let our Specialist show you the way to solve the riddle of this position of the ground within 6 hours. 

  • The victim positions

  • Mobility on the ground

  • How to strike from your back

  • How and when to draw your weapon

  • How to fight someone who is standing

  • Mass attack while on your back

  • To submit or not submit

  • The Rape Escape

other specialized training programs include;

TRAPPING VIOLENCE - Violence doesn't block so trapping (as it's know in the martial arts world) is rarely possible. In this one of a kind Focus program you will learn the truth behind "trapping" and what it means in real world application. This will be unlike anything you have ever seen. Seriously high level stuff made simple.

TIED UP - This is an exploration through the clinch position. One of the most under trained areas in ones arsenal, the clinch can make or break you chance of survival. The Counter Violence clinch program will extrapolate the most essential points of any clinch and does in methods and points of violence, creating an entirely different beast.

THE BLACK BOX - This is the "John Wick" program. This is a combination of "Project Alpha /Finding Fight" and "Fight to Weapon" infused  with the most ballistic Focus kill threat level material. *Additional permissives are required for this course.

*If there is any specific areas that are not already listed that you or your organization would like to explore in a Counter Violence frame work, please don't feel free to contact us to discuss particulars.