Full Spectrum Fighter

A new mindset of self-protection

Grapple Guide 2019-20

The Full Spectrum Fighter is a program designed to introduce the trainee to the fundamentals of the “modern fighter”. The goal of the program, at its conclusion, is that the participant be able to safely spar, drill, and train the material in a way that will enable them to grow their drill set, achieve validation, increase their level of fitness, and explore their skills with a non-compliant partner. In this program you will learn all the essential - root - knowledge that is going to take your game to an entirely different level.

This platform utilizes various structural aspects/principles from the sport or origin of the area we are developing, i.e., wrestling, boxing, jujitsu, weapons, etc. Yet we are teaching it with the understanding that we will not be staying in that (the sport or origin) lane, longer than necessary. And we must know that reliable training is an ever-evolving process that needs to be checked against the reality of the (type) opponent we will encounter today.

Fighting is a problem solving. In order to solve a problem, we must thoroughly understand what we are trying to solve. Almost all systems teach counters to common holds, chokes and strikes. These counters are often taught with a bias towards a certain viewpoint, style or tradition, as well as, the altogether dismissal of the attacker’s actual potential skill level, ability or mental makeup. Our objective is to obtain a basic, but thorough, understanding of what and how a modern fight works, without bias.

I have been training for 40 years and teaching for almost 30 of those. I still actively attend seminars outside of my daily classes and privates that I teach. The majority of my private student’s come to me to cross train, they are already teaching another system, or they are advance students from other systems. The rest just have a that training bug and like it. I created this platform in response to the need of a practitioner who was left out of the fundamentals or for those who can’t get away from them - to become a more well-rounded fighter. You don’t have to give up your art/style/method that you love. Focus spends much of it’s time creating drilling platforms that can be laminated within the existing system of the practitioner for an immediate upgrade to the participants performance and teaching ability. This program is about making whatever you train, that much better.


The course is open to anyone, but I think the following groups will particularly find it of interest: RBSD practitioners, traditional martial artist, concealed carry holders, ex jocks looking to find a new way to gain fitness and people that want a defined skill set but have finite amount of time.

We are process and principle oriented in our approach to this platform. To clarify this, our approach is program oriented with specific desired results; not just doing, sweating and hoping for the best. The student will learn the how’s and whys of the material before practicing. Our training platform has been created with neuro pathway tech. We are going to combo the training principles with superior drill methods and then place them into context, to create the Full Spectrum Fighter.

 This program is not a quick fix, it’s not for certificates or for an easy answer. This program is for self-motivated intelligent individuals that want to grow their skill set and put the work in. Leave the ego at home, put the white belt on – I never take mine off.

Grapple Guide to the Modern Fight

40 hour requirements. 4 hours per month for 10 months

“Full Spectrum Fighter program is to train participants in the necessary fundamentals of the sport / origin of that which we are using, in this case.  Brazilian Jujitsu / wrestling / Greco / Judo, while and with the understanding that I will be transitioning / applying into a Reality / alternative based grappling / jujitsu training application platform.  

Modern Fight – Grapple Guide – 40-hour overview

·         A brief history of jujitsu / grappling and its evolution.

·         Learn arm bars, chokes, shoulder locks and other submissions along with set-ups, switches and reversals.

·         Weaving the structural elements of position/submission with practitioner’s “original intent.”

If you were someone who uses a palm strike. Ask yourself this, “would my palm strike be better or worse if it’s velocity and propulsion of mechanics were that of a boxer?” And your answer would undeniably be, “yes, much better”. And that’s the same answer you get when it comes to ground fighting or grappling. Anything you do is only going to become multiplied in performance by understanding and acting on it’s root principles.

The average time for advancement/belt/division is 100 hours per level. Much of that time is spent learning techniques that may not benefit you in the totality of self-protection. The fat has been cut out of this program completely! Positions/submissions/put down/take downs, all learned with reality in mind. You will get all the needed fundamentals along with combat applications within 40 hours. There has never been a program quite like this.

You can access this training through 1 or more of the following;

  • From your own location. (12 or more participants monthly)

  • From out Focus location in Cedar Lake Indiana

  • Join an active study group that has 12 or more participant.

  • Make up sessions and privates with Michael.

    “This could be the missing link people need! Great job brother, I highly recommend this!

    -Lee Morrison


Your workbook will serve as a learning and a teaching tool. The platform design highly recommends that you take the material from each week home, unpack it, train it and teach it within that next month. For 10 months we are going to create a new kind of Grappler / Ground fighter. One that will maintain a flexible core, so you can apply it to your curriculum at will and as it blends. I have spent a lifetime cutting out the non-essentials of each area / sport / origin, so that you don’t have to go back and “pull weeds” later. All the material will have relevant utility for the practitioners methods end result.

Please feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions.

See you on the mat.


Michael VanBeek

Focus Training Corp.