You are your own first responder!

We can’t escape the brutalities of violence no matter our religion, our lifestyle, income, political affiliation, race, gender or geography!  Violence is like a cancer; it's unbiased. But there is an option that won't take years to learn or drain you of all your money. This is not martial arts! This is Counter Violence!

"Focus is a multi-discipline approach to surviving violence. We use an accelerated learning platform for self-protection - engineered for what violence means to you." 

we are your personal protection college!

  • Neuro Muscular Memory Development.
  • Free Risk and Fear Assessments.
  • Course Completion in hours. 
  • The Virtual - Counter Violence Experience

No uniforms / No belts - Just real life application.

No foreign vernacular / expensive contracts - just Counter Violence

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What you see on the news today you will see on your streets and in your homes tomorrow! Don't live in the hope zone!

Review our custom built courses and decide which is best suited for your needs. 

Focus has dedicated training facilities throughout the country run by Counter Violence Specialists. All of our training is done in a fun, safe, and respectful environment. When it comes to your life and the life long effects violence can have on it, trust those who Specialize in Violence.

When your course is over, you will have left having had the experience of surviving violence and know what it takes! 

This is not for a belt, a tittle or for fame. This is for your family, yourself and the innocent. this 2-3 month curse might not just save your life but also may transform it! Be Bold!

8 hours to save your life


The ONLY Counter Violence company in the world!

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Our Founder

Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, and the results of our dedication to counter violence.

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