Regardless of whether you choose to be a specialist, an Associate or an affiliate, you will be a part of the Focus family and will receive step by step instruction on making your dreams a reality. You really can help people and make money. That's our focus promise. 

Counter Violence Specialist

Whether just getting started or already a self-protection instructor, Focus wants to give you the ability to fulfill your dreams of doing something more than just teaching techniques. You can become a Counter Violence Specialist and own your own Focus branch!

You start off by:

  1. Coming in for 2 1/2 days of Intensive Personal Training - Come train with Michael VanBeek 1 on 1 to begin your journey into the focus family. Here you will receive all of the physical and educational materials needed to start you off.
  2. Developing a local study group in your area - Whether its through your school, gym or even at the local park. Gather like minded students to help you in your sharing of this invaluable information. This helps you get your instructor reps in!
  3. For one year you will Continue IPTP training  and education, along with videos from our Distance Learning Center will complete your apprenticeship and you will be ready to open your own Focus franchise

Becoming a Focus Counter Violence Specialist requires an education in the Anatomy of Violence and at least 40 hours of hands-on training. But that's not all! You must learn how to run a business.

After years and years of failing at running a successful martial arts business, Michael finally realized that the failures had nothing to do with his skill in martial arts and everything to do with his lack of skill in business. For this reason every franchise owner is given the personal guide book The Focus Franchise Bible / a step by step guide to success. 

This Guide book contains:

  • The History of Martial Arts  
  • Self-Protection of Today
  • The Present State of Violence
  • The Anatomy of Violence
  • The Counter Violence Theory
  • The Counter Violence Algorithm
  • The Focus Mindset
  • The Focus Business Structure
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Establishing Value over Worth
  • Marketing and Messaging
  • Student  Retention
  • and much much more...

As you can see, your not just given a certificate and sent on your way; You will be give an entire business plan! Focus holds strict adherence to quality control and core values while also letting you express your individual genius as an instructor / specialist 

 All Specialists have definitive requirements and guidelines that must be met and maintained to be a part of the Focus network. And unlike other systems, Focus only allows a specific number of Specialists per state.

As a Counter Violence Specialist and a Franchise owner of Focus, you will receive the following:

  • Web site presence
  • Your own Focus Facebook page
  • All marketing material provided by Focus Training Corp.
  • Access to the Focus Instructors Network Facebook page
  • Your own Banner
  • Business cards personalized for you
  • Certification
  • The Focus Franchise Bible / step by step guide to success
  • Unlimited access to Focus Training Corp. support staff
  • Free access to the Distant Learning Center
  • And much much more.... 

If this is something that has been in your heart, please contact us today to learn more about becoming a Counter Violence Specialist and owning your own Franchise!



Become a Focus Associate

Opening your own franchise may be something that interests you but may also be a bit much at the present time. Welcome to the Associates Program. Here you can have the freedom to teach a few of the Focus Counter Violence programs without the responsibilities that go along with owning a franchise.

Becoming a Counter Violence Specialist is a serious undertaking! As an Associate you will receive many of the tools  that will help you pace yourself towards that goal. 

You will also be able to generate an income stream that will facilitate the growth of a small business, but without all the overhead.

As an Associate you will receive:

  • Web site presence
  • Your own Focus Facebook page
  • All marketing material provided by Focus Training Corp.
  • Access to the Focus Instructors Network Facebook page
  • Certification
  • Unlimited access to Focus Training Corp. support staff
  • Instructional videos
  • And much much more.... 
  1. You will start by spending 2 days with Michael VanBeek at his training facility in Chicago
  2. You will then receive your Association certification.
  3. Now you will receive the educational material in the Anatomy of Violence, as it relates to your programs. You will be taught how to teach!
  4. Then you will begin your Journey. With the help of our staff you will market your core group and begin marketing your name and product.
  5. You will now begin to set up study groups, seminars, classes and private training.

All Instructors at all levels are held to a high level of professionalism and core values. Focus Training Corp. maintains strict guidelines of continued training and education to maintain an Associate Instructor status. If you feel that you are up to the challenge, contact us today.




Become a Focus Affiliate

Being an Affiliate is a great way to get your feet wet. If you have never taught before or have a specific interest in teaching just one of our Focus programs this is the best route to take.

Because you will only be teaching one of the Focus Counter Violence programs, you will be allowed to place all of your attention, teaching, marketing and training into one place.

As an Affiliate you will receive:

  • Web site presence
  • All marketing material provided by Focus Training Corp.
  • Certification
  • Access to Focus Training Corp. support staff
  • Instructional videos
  1.  You will start by coming to train with Michael or another Counter Violence Specialist for two days.
  2.  You will then be given your Affiliation Certification. 
  3.  You will also be given the appropriate teaching materials for your program
  4.  Now you are ready to do seminars, teach classes and do privates.

As with all Instructor-ships, quality control is of High importance. Focus Training Corp. will stay with you on this journey so that it will be the beginning of a life of financial freedom and of service to others.