Anti-abduction for children


Children are the most vulnerable and innocent of victims. One can only cringe at the thought of a child becoming a victim, especially a child of our own. In this trademarked Focus program we teach the child, alongside the parent, to withstand and fend off attempted kidnappings and abductions. Again, Focus uses its specialized training methods to intercept the means and methods by which grown adults abduct children. At least one parent is required to attend throughout the duration of the training. In this program we not only teach the child but the adult as well.

We teach the parent how to be the “bad guy” to allow parent and child to train and practice as a family.

It also creates a long-lasting bond of trust and openness concerning the topic of child abduction. The program trains children to intercept and counter every possible angle of abduction, including teaching and training your child to bite. The sobering reality is if your child is kidnapped, he or she may not be found! However, if the child is taught to bite in the proper way then the DNA of the kidnapper is evident and now he or she can be found. At Focus, we hope for the best and prepare for the worst We sincerely hope this is not a reality that any of you have to live with or go through.

  • *Prior to age 5, most children rely on their parents for daily needs and activities, and are therefore in need of their company. However, around age 6 and up the distance between child and parent increases as the child becomes more capable. We begin to allow time in the back yard with a less watchful eye. Areas and places that once posed a threat are no longer a concern due to the child’s ability to walk and talk, and they now “know better”. FOCUS accepts children from the age of 6 for the Predator Prevention program. At this age, they understand and can somewhat grasp the idea of “being taken”, and are physically mature enough to perform the needed maneuvers to counter the abduction. 


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The TEEN CHALLENGE programs are a branch of our adult programs. This is not a traditional class. There are no belts, or hierarchies. The teen program instills confidence without the ego attachment that comes with the belt ranking. The course runs approximately 2 1/2 months (with the option to slide into a continuing student). At the end of this program your teen will leave with enhanced ability to defend themselves against bullies or worse.

In this process we will begin the process of "purging passivity".  Aside from the obvious benefits of  self-protection, one of the main principles behind the Teen Challenge Program is to instill a positive and strong sense of self. We give them something to be proud of something that will last forever.  




On this very day, kids all across the globe will at some point train martial arts. And well they should. The training carries with it a tremendous benefits. However, to make it better, Focus has eliminated certain areas of the "martial art way" . The Young Guns program doesn't use belt ranking systems. The training will most likely resemble a boxing or wresting gym over a "karate" school. The Kids area will be taught the Contemporary / upgraded version of Bruce Lees Jeet Kune Do combined with MMA The athleticism and coordination developed in this class is tremendous. The Young Guns kids programs plant the seed of hard work, discipline and instills positive self image This is generally an open ended class / program.