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The leader in Counter Violence is now taking the fight to our greatest weakness. Focus is teaming up with YOU to literally rip out the part of you that says "you're not good enough!"

In this challenge you will become increasingly stronger. You will immediately feel your endurance skyrocket and you will be forged into an athlete. Yes, you will actually become a legitimate bad ass.

But much more than that, Focus will be the place where you leave all of your fear and doubt, and ultimately find the best version of youself. 

Courage will become common; mental toughness a constant; forgiveness inevitable and self value a given!

Focus is the fuel that drives transformation!

This experience can be 1, 2, or 3 days a week - options are available. When you sign up at your local Focus, be prepared for:

  • Cardio / warm-ups

  • Strength training drills

  • Focus mitt drills

  • Core strength

  • Circuit training

  • Yoga

  • Heavy bag drills

  • Wanting to quit

  • Sculpting and toning

  • Shadow boxing

  • 40 min non-stop training

Your experience will be in a private and semiprivate coaching environment. If you want actual change, you must have accountability, attention, and Focus. We have six weeks to make that thing a reality...Let's do this!

Sign up today!


Contact the location nearest you for pricing and times

*Note- There is absolutely no sparring allowed in any of the Hit Fit classes at any Focus location. However, in order to have value in self-protection, every coach will run you through simulation drills as you progress.