counter violence TRAINING for women. 

Most women are used to self-defense classes offered by a local gym. Unfortunately, they almost all leave with an overwhelming uncertainty of whether the tactics will really work. This course is different! Michael VanBeek, founder of Focus Training Corp., has trained hundreds of women and victims of violent attacks. After more than 20 years of research, he has developed a program that works for all women, regardless of present physical shape or age.  Focus is the only program that starts from the woman’s point of view. With Focus training, size and strength do not matter! Finding fight was created specifically for busy moms and wives. In just a matter of hours you will find the fight that will keep you alive through the most unspeakable of events and teach you how to put the "F- you" into every strike. This is not your moms self defense course, this is Counter Violence - FINDING FIGHT!




Sending our children off to college is extremely worrisome and stressful. But for most if not all of us, safety is at the top of our list of concerns. All that pride we feel as parents is only overshadowed by long list of variables that could leave our child vulnerable. So give them an insurance policy that will be with them when you can't. The Focus College Bound course is 10 hours of preparation that will last a lifetime. This program is packed with the same Counter Violence octane as the Finding Fight woman's program but tailored to the collage environment. With education on the Active Awareness module, the persuasive predator, color coding their environment, how to use the safe zone, an accountability partner and much much more. Don't live in the "Hope Zone", get them trained today!



Reality Based Rapid Learning Systems For Men

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Whether your a family man who wants to be the guardian and protector of his family or just an average man looking to safe guard his own life, this program is 8 -12 hours of amazing.  Many men may feel a little uncomfortable admitting that they may be a little less than prepared to protect themselves or their family. But the real truth is, confronting violence is a scary reality, whether we like to admit it or not. However, Counter Violence isn't like the martial arts we were used to as kids.

This is life saving stuff! And you don't have to bench 400 lbs or be a cage fighter to do it!

Don't let your physical appearance, what you do for a living or any of the other matters we may use as obstacles prevent you from taking this life changing course.  The crucible is just like it sounds. You will will be asked to give a lot of yourself during this evolution. Aside from learning the very best in reality based self-protection in stand-up, mass attack, weapons and ground fighting, you will also be taught the principles of counter violence, such as, contact management, predatory assignments, threat escalation and so on. This isn't about bar fighting, MMA, or a tough guy contest. This program is about protecting who and what you love. Take this private course now so you can stop worrying about tomorrows what ifs. 

Let us put you back on top of the power curve

No more uncertainty!