Worksafe is made up of programs that create, cultivate and encourage a healthier and more fulfilling work experience/environment. 

Work place violence covers a fast area and a variety of variables; criminal against client, customer against agent, internal conflict, domestic violence and much more. Because of this, we have set up a system by which we can get to know your company's direct concerns. Please contact us today so we can create a custom program that works for the specific needs for your company or professional field. Or you can choose from one of the platforms below.

Focus Counter Violence Programs are also used for Team Building events, employee rewards programs, guest lectures and various outlets for growth and performance.


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LEcture / Education Training

This 90 min lecture is packed with the most up to date material on the subject. Understanding the enemy is key and violence is the enemy, not the coworker and not the boss. Focus will break down the various types of Violence, their work place applications and how to stop them before they start. Training will include:

  • Threat recognition and response

  • Active awareness

  • Intervening in Violence

  • The color code of behavior

  • Creating a safe work space in a hostile workplace

This 90 min lecture can be done up to 3x's a day over 2 days.


The Interactive Worksafe Program is a 3-5 hours of training that combines the educational material in the lecture training and merges it into a surviving violence and conflict resolution safety net. Here you will be trained in:

  • The C.A.P system

  • How to down grade a threat

  • Strikes that save lives

  • Understanding the victim pattern

  • How to retrain the brain for response

This is great for small offices, off hours of employment or other moderate risks.


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This is a Forbes list program! In this program you will be immersed into everything counter violence. The 12 hours you will invest over 2 days of training will be retained and ready to be used at a drop of a dime, thanks to our Neuro Sensory Training. You will receive and be ready to use all of the above plus;

  • Preemptive striking

  • Mobility tactics

  • Impromptu weapon training

  • Full situational awareness training

  • Escape and evade

If your company's and it's representatives are at high rate of travel, weekends away, off hour flight times and finer dress is required, then this is for you and your team. This is High Risk training at its best.