Safe House


Regardless of how your family dynamic is shaped one thing is for sure, family is the most important thing in our lives. Focus has created programs to make sure everyone makes it home to our loved ones. But what if the violence comes knocking at our doors. Our homes are where we are supposed to feel and be the safest; yet they are also where we are the most vulnerable. Home invasion is a scary thought indeed. Let us help.

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A Counter Violence Specialist will train your entire family in the aspects of home invasion. You will also learn how defend your home and yourselves as a team. This Family First package will begin by using other Focus program. Specific elements each of the men's women's and kids programs will be added to come together and form one cohesive program for the entire family. A program that be trained together in the comfort of your own home! Learn to apply all of the Counter Violence content in the garage, in the kitchen, from your bed, answering the door and as a family. All while keeping your kids safe the whole time. Counter Violence Specialists will install you and your family with a "fire drill" for home invasion.

Focus will walk you through our Fear and Risk Assessment for you and your family so we can provide yo with the peace of mind and security your family deserves. We will also assess and create specialized safe zones / time frames / escape point / in home weapon access / trigger words, as well as, provide consultation on home security and safety. This is the ultimate training for home invasion. Don’t wait to feel safe.

There isn't a program like this anywhere!

*In special circumstances, Focus founder Michael VanBeek is available to fly directly to your location and train your entire family personally. Please contact us for further details.