Whether its through education or physical preparation, our goal is to equip all Focus participants with the knowledge and tools needed to survive, counter and intercept violence. And because violence means different things to different people, we have created course that will address individual and professional needs for every demographic.



  • All training is done through a scientific method of reformatting the neuro pathway that delivers physical responses through a sensory cue download process. In other words, we can reprogram your nervous system to respond with complete clinical precision, regardless of your emotional make-up.
  • All programs are done with the safety and comfort of participants at the forefront.
  • Programs can be done in hours instead of months (most can be completed within 4-12 hours depending on the program).
  • Seminars and Workshops are done in blocks or in 1 event. Seminars and Workshops last anywhere from 1 - 4 hours per event. 
  • Training can be done at one of our locations, your company's location or in the comfort of your home.
  • If there are more than 4 participants per session (hands on), additional hours may be required.
  • Platform training is conducted in blocks to a small group once a month, then practiced by the group on its own.
If you are going to run, plan on where and how to run. If you are going to fight, have a plan for that too. No matter what your intention, have a plan and train it!
— Michael VanBeek