Regardless of whether you are interested in one of our Counter Violence programs, group classes, educational lectures or whether you want to become and an Instructor/Specialist, choose from anyone of these options.

All of our locations maintain these OPTIONS and have the ability to modify the format to fit your needs - contact one of them today! 

one on one personal training

 One on one training gives you the best results for your time. just like a personal trainer at a gym; a personal Counter Violence trainer can you their undivided attention, bringing you from average to savage in only a matter of hours.  Whether your taking a program or continued training, this is the best option for fast retention!

small group training

The newest upgrade to our Focus menu is the small group training. This method has 4 participants commit to train with each other for a program our continued training. It works great because it helps cushion the cost and everyone still receives that individual attention. 

intensive Personal Training Program.

Immerse yourself in Counter Violence! This is a 2½ day intensive course that equals 12 hours of training, often used for those who live out of state. The Focus staff will arrange accommodations for your entire stay, including transportation to and from the airport. During this time you will have access to our Specialist and be able to pick their brain about anything Counter Violence. Bring a video camera to capture you experience and even bring the family. This will be one of the cooled experiences ever! Make it a vacation. 

platform training

Platform training is where a representative from a group or small group itself trains approximately once a month. The group absorbs 21/2 hours of training once a month or once every two months. The group then trains on their own between platforms. This is often used by Security groups or those interested in introducing Counter Violence into their area.


This is a great way to get a great product at a cost effective price. A group class allows you to enjoy the fellowship of other like minded participants, be part of a tribe and train with various different energies. 

Note: Kids classes my vary - check the location nearest you.


Seminar / workshop

If you own or teach at a martial arts school  or just have an affinity for self - protection and would like to experience the word of Counter Violence then contact one of our Specialists today! Seminars are done by picking a specific topic and working that topic for 1 or two days. Usually 6 people at least are required for a seminar. Again, this is a great was to immerse yourself into an aspect and crush it!

Lecture / education / consulting

If you would like to host a Counter Violence workshop for your corporation/business/company, they can be conducted in a lecture or hands-on format. Please feel free to visit our Active Awareness Program and contact us today.


All accommodations are paid for by the host.


Note: The training options are the generally the same throughout each Focus location. However, it is best to contact the Specialist in your area for specifics regarding times, dates and schedules.